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Sustainable Timber Management & Production

F&W Forestry Services is committed to being a responsible steward of the resources entrusted to our care, always striving to conserve the soil, water, plants, and animals on the property we manage.

Our company is a driving force for sustainability in the timberland industry. We were the first consulting firm in the United States to be group-certified by the American Tree Farm System.

Forest Certification

F&W Forestry Services guides landowners through the third-party certification process that informs consumers that their timber is sustainably sourced.

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Forest Managers Committed to Sustainability

F&W approaches timberland management with a stewardship ethic and sustainable practices. Our standard operating procedures and inspection frequencies help ensure that our client’s property is managed in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


Assisting Clients in Sustainability Verifications

F&W can assist clients in achieving stand-alone forest certification for their property. At the same time, F&W has group programs for the leading forest certification standards as a way to provide clients with a lower-cost alternative to forest certification.

We guide our clients through the complex third-party verification process for several leading sustainability organizations, including:

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