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Executive Team

  • Marshall Thomas headshot

    Marshall D. Thomas


  • Jeff Jordan headshot

    Jeff Jordan, RF

    Chief Operating Officer

  • headshot of Jody Strickland

    Jody Strickland

    Chief Business Officer and Qualifying Broker

  • Stephen Logan headshot

    Stephen Logan, RF

    Chief Information Officer

  • Sonya Farmer headshot

    Sonya Farmer

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brent Williamson headshot

    Brent Williamson

    U.S. Forest Operations Manager

  • Susanne Wagner headshot

    Susanne Wagner

    Chief People Officer

Regional Managers

  • Chris Bartley headshot

    Chris Bartley, ACF, TAF

    Texas Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • TR Clark headshot

    T. R. Clark, ACF, RF

    Alabama Regional Manager & Broker

  • Bryan Croft headshot

    Bryan Croft, ACF, CF, RF

    Florida Regional Manager

  • Tom Gilman headshot

    Tom Gilman, CF

    New York Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Doug Hall headshot

    Doug Hall, RF

    Georgia Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Chad Hancock headshot

    Chad Hancock, ACF, RF

    Georgia Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Nathan McClure headshot

    Nathan McClure, RF, CF

    South Carolina Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Wade McDonald headshot

    Wade E. McDonald, RF

    Georgia Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Jason Potts headshot

    Jason Potts

    Mississippi Regional Manager

  • Rick Sluss headshot

    Rick Sluss, RF, ACF

    Tennessee Regional Manager & Real Estate Agent

  • Eric Sumner headshot

    Eric Sumner, RF

    Arkansas Regional Manager

  • John Vona headshot

    John Vona

    California Regional Manager

  • Glen Worrell headshot

    Glen Worrell Jr., ACF

    Virginia Regional Manager & Broker

Specialty Service Managers

  • Andy Carlo headshot

    Andy Carlo, CF

    Environmental & Certification Manager

  • Scott Howell headshot

    Scott Howell, RF, ACF

    Forest Planning Group Manager

  • Dwight Sheppard headshot

    Dwight Sheppard, GISP

    Forest Mapping Group Manager

  • James Walters headshot

    James Walters

    Forest Inventory Manager

    PO Box 547 Pearisburg, VA 24134