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Natural Capital

The benefits of forestland extend well beyond the property line: forests provide clean air, removing CO2 from the atmosphere; they provide well-protected watersheds and prevent soil erosion; and they provide a habitat for our planet’s diverse plant and animal life.

As the appreciation for the benefits of healthy, strong forestland has grown, so has the viability of landowner market opportunities beyond traditional timberland revenue. F&W Forestry has established partnerships to help clients identify opportunities for income streams capitalizing on the ecological advantages of forestland.

Natural Capital Opportunities for Landowners


Conservation Easements

By placing your forested land in a conservation easement with a recognized land trust, you can:

  • Protect unique aspects of your property: open space, critical habitat, biodiversity, historically or culturally significant areas, etc.
  • Realize significant tax advantages
  • Ensure that any current or future use of your land is managed in an ecologically sound way

Contrary to popular belief, placing land into a conservation easement doesn’t open it to the public or eliminate all usage rights. While certain land uses become restricted in an easement – mining, some types of harvest, and subdivision may all be prohibited – your use of the property within the scope of the easement’s allowances isn’t affected.

In exchange for removing some rights associated with your land, you can receive deductions and credits that reduce your tax burden. Our team of easement experts can evaluate your land and help you determine how best to protect your land and its environmental capital through a well-designed easement.

Mitigation Banking

Many environmental laws and regulations require developers to perform “environmental mitigation,” taking steps to ensure no net-negative effect on the environment due to the development. In many cases, on-site mitigation is cost-prohibitive or even impossible, so developers purchase mitigation credits from another landholder to offset a development’s environmental impact.

By establishing your land as a mitigation bank, you can enjoy a revenue stream as builders and developers seek to offset the ecological impact of their work in your area. F&W is here to help you determine the banking value of your land and establish your property as an effective and profitable mitigation bank.

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Carbon Sequestration and Storage

A major front in the fight against climate change and other ecological issues is carbon emissions.

As environmental laws become stricter and emissions caps continue to decrease, more and more corporations and even some private individuals are seeking to purchase carbon credits or carbon offsets as part of a long-term strategy to reach carbon neutrality.

By establishing your land as a carbon sequestration/storage location, opportunities exist to generate carbon credit revenue. From initial exploration and establishment of your property’s offset potential to implementation of a viable presence in the sequestration market, F&W is ready to help you realize your land’s natural capital.

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