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Our History: 60 Years and Growing

F&W Forestry Services boasts a vibrant track record of growth and helping our clients succeed. Whether you are a private landowner or working with a large investment organization, F&W has the experience to serve your needs.

For more than 60 years, our clients have relied on us to protect their forestland with integrity and expertise.

Our Timeline of Growth


Eley Frazer and Frank Wetherbee founded F&W Forestry Services.

collection of trees for timber usage

F&W began conducting regional inventories, forestland appraisals, and some resource studies.

two foresters collaborating and looking at a map on the job

F&W systematically expanded, adding offices and working for TIMOs. We also underwent leadership transitions.


F&W grew rapidly in forest inventory, forest management, and technical services. We went from 25 employees in 2 states to 100 employees in 8 states.


F&W underwent extensive process integration to grow our business model in other countries including Uruguay and Brazil. We obtained the Tree Farm Group certification.


F&W purchased a stake in Cabinet Courdert, a French forestry firm.


F&W completed the acquisition of Fountains US and UK.


F&W partnered with Stuntzner Engineering & Forestry to create FWS Forestry expanding US operations to California.

a view of a mountain from a forest treeline